Mom and Dad's New House in Golden
Golden, Colorado: February 23-24, 2013

My parents are buying a new house in Golden - closing is planned for Feb 26. It's not exactly what they want, but they plan to use it as a place to let them get a better feel for life in Colorado and to have extended stays during which they could do house hunting. It's a bi-level - the main floor looks like the 2nd floor from the outside, and there's a bedroom/bathroom in the basement (the windows at ground level). Here are some external pictures I took on Feb 23rd. This house was a short sale, and there some things that need some love and some that need work to bring it up to code.

Here are pictures their realtor, Pat, took on December 7th.

Looking at the front door from the main floor.

living room on the main floor

Here is the bedroom in the basement:

hot tub, which we will be finding a home for, since they don't want it:

back yard. There's no door from the garage to the house, since the level of the garage is in between floors. You can go through the front or come out the back door and go up these stairs to the deck.

garage floor:


Feb 23rd: I started at Mike's parents' house, which is around the corner. This tour will turn east and go down the street to the house.

Standing in front of the house and turning to my right to see the neighborhood:

side yard to the east:

some close ups of the front for my parents:

side yard to the west (the house faces south):

Feb 24th: Here's my sketch of the floor plan:

And here's the tour! We start out in the living room on the main floor, looking down at the front door (that pile o'stuff is mine):

Looking out of the kitchen at the deck/hot tub:

Poor abandoned plant in the kitchen. Pat watered it.

The kitchen, as seen from the northwest corner by the sliding glass door:

Living room:


Bathroom on the main floor:

Looking into the two main floor bedrooms from the hallway:

In the back bedroom on the main floor:

In the front bedroom on the main floor

View from the front bedroom:

Looking into the hallway from the front bedroom:

Nautical-theme weather gauges:

Attic access:

Another pass through the kitchen:

Going to the basement:

Living room in the basement:

Hallway in the basement:

Storage closet under the stairs:

Laundry room with water heater and furnace:

Front bedroom in the basement:

Back bedroom in the basement:

View from the back bedroom in the basement:

Bathroom in the basement:

Headed back upstairs:


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