Christmas Morning at the Lyons' House
Arvada, Colorado: December 25, 2014

Good morning! The decorations and Rannae and Rob's house all look great!

We went downstairs to bother Peaches (the cat) - my brother (Mike Rawluk), Princess (his girlfriend),
my hubby, and our nieces Maddie and Valerie:

If you tell Maddie her new penguin has big eyes, she'll give you his specs in inches. He is well characterized.
Madeline Lyon
First present of the day! Maddie and Val with their parents and Grandma Gwenn in the background.
Madeline Lyon, Valerie Lyon, Gwenn Sanders

My cousin, Jessice Moffet, Princess, my brother, and Uncle Dale.
Jessica Moffett, Dale Nicholls, Princess, Mike Rawluk

Peaches couldn't help but be curious about all the activity.

Mike's dad (Terry Sanders) opens a gift:
Terry Sanders
Mike Rawluk and Princess

Jessica Moffett, Dale Nicholls, Princess, Mike Rawluk

My dad joins the fun. My mom wasn't able to make it because she has the flu.
Tony Rawluk
Jessica Moffett, Dale Nicholls, Princess, Mike Rawluk,Tony Rawluk (Anthony Rawluk)

A man, his cat, and a box of bows.
Paches Lyon, Rob Lyon
"I win!"

Mike and Maddie:
Madeline Lyon, Michael Sanders

Madeline Lyon, Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders), Gwenn Sanders, Valerie Lyon

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