Party for Don and Dave Lyon
Arvada, Colorado: October 25, 2014

The Lyon family hosted a party - Grandpa Don was in town from Alaska (his annual hunting trip), and it was also
his brother, Dave's, birthday. Lots to celebrate!

Halloween decorations:

I hear Valerie didn't like this skeleton, so he was given a hat to make him less scary:

Terry pushing Maddie on the rope swing:

Peaches used to seem so big when we had Chloe. Now that we have the boys, she seems so small and delicate!

My parents' dog, Jazz. She turned 17 this month.

Mike with his mom (Gwenn) and sister (Rannae):

My dad (Tony) with Grandma Kitty, Auntie Linda, and Terry:

It turns out I like mango margaritas...but I don't think that's why this is blurry. Mike and Valerie:

Don and Dave:

Birthday cake!

ha! Rob thought I had put the camera away.

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