Kyoto - International Conference Center and the Birds in the Bathroom
Kyoto, Japan: June 3, 2013

I spent some time wandering around the International Conference Center while Mike was in the sessions.
We had been in the gardens the previous evening at the reception, but they were even nicer by day!



Someone has been feeding these guys. AVI file, 6.4 Mb


Inside the conference center:



I don't normally take pictures in a bathroom, let alone video, but there was nobody there and this is special.
Japanese bathrooms are fancier than American bathrooms - and it's not just the multi-function toilets that make them so!
Birds in the bathroom. AVI file, 0.5 Mb
Birds in the bathroom, part 2. AVI file, 0.7 Mb
Yes, that's a recording so you have something pleasant to listen to.


Kari Sanders at the Kyoto International Conference Center

Cool birds' nest at the Grand Prince Hotel.

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