Chloe's 7th Birthday
Golden, Colorado: October 27, 2012

Last year, Chloe slept through her 6th birthday. I told her "Just cause you slept through it, doesn't mean it didn't happen". It turns out that 6 years old is the equivalent of turning 40 for cats. Maybe she was just sad to be over the hill.

This year, she woke up bright and early - ready to go! For her birthday, she got treats and malted catsip milk, as well as a new toy. This toy moves a plastic mouse under a piece of material. It has multiple motion settings - slow and random. It goes back and forth, stops, races around, etc. to try to simulate small animal movements. Here's Chloe getting introduced to her new toy:

"Seriously, who's under there?"

Retreat to the box.


Keeping an eye on things from afar

Keeping an eye on things from above

All tuckered out

Snoring away

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