Genoa, Italy
April 3-5, 1999

Monday, April 5th

"We left the hotel ~9:30 am in Enrico's car. He took us to the art museum, town center, Egyptian Art Exhibit, and Christopher Columbus' house.

The art museum was a "Modern Art" museum, with exhibits from Italian artists from 1850 - 1920. Of particular interest was a marble statue named "Con Sa Contenta" - translated by Mom to "How Happy She Is". The statue had incredible detail - from the lace in her dress to the flowers she was holding."

The Museum
Art Museum in Genoa

Art Museum in Genoa

Museum Tickets
Art Museum ticket

Art Museum ticket

"We also went to the Egyptian Art Exhibit, which was interesting. It had many exhibits with little good-luck statues, some papyrus, part of the "Book of the Dead", a mummy, and some jewelry. The mummy had been restored by a university in Italy. His casket had been upright, so his body had slumped to the bottom. They put him back together and rebuilt his head covering. We saw a water-clock (kind of like an hour glass) and Mom tried to translate the story of how the Egyptian gods were born. Finally, they had a nice display of Egyptian-type paintings in a dark hallway randomly lit with black lights.

After visiting the museums, we walked through the town square to a house where Columbus had lived."

Genoa City Wall
City Wall

City Wall

Town Square
Town Square

Town Square

The Fountain

By the Fountain: Mom and Enrico
Mom and Enrico

By the Fountain: Me, Dad, Mom and Enrico
Me, Dad, Mom and Enrico

"We met the family for lunch at a restaurant in the mountainside. I had ravioli and stuffed vegetables. No dessert - getting too full after three days of heavy meals."

From left to right: Barbara, My Dad, me, Zio Gino, Enrico, Franca, My Mom, Tony, and Matteo
Family at Restaurant

Matteo, outside the restaurant
Matteo at Restaurant

The Restaurant

View from the restaurant
View from the Restaurant

Near the restaurant, there is a very old church.
Old Church by the Restaurant

Me, Mike, and Mom by the old church.
Me, Mike, and Mom

"After lunch, we went to walk on the Promenade by the sea and to Zio Gino's apartment. He gave me a set of serving ware as an heirloom. The utensils have silver handles and gold-plated functional areas. They belonged to my great-grandmother and, reportedly, have never been used."

View of Genoa from our walk along the mountain



Mom, Enrico, and Zio Gino in Zio Gino's apartment

Zio Gino's apartment: Living room (with the white church my Grandma made)
Living Room

Zio Gino's apartment: Kitchen. Zio Gino was the architect for this building, and he designed the kitchen. One of the things Mike and I really liked was how the cabinet doors rolled up instead of opening out.