Stop Eating My Roses!
Golden, Colorado: November 8, 2006

I went into the living room after my shower this morning because I was feeling cold and wanted to check the temperature. While I was there, I decided to open the blinds. Much to my surprise, there was someone in the backyard eating my rose bushes. Naked with a towel on my head, I poked my head out the patio door, "Stop eating my roses!" He was so shocked by the accusation, that I had plenty of time to go get the camera. The pictures I took from within the house are a little grainy, but I figured I would spare the neighbors the sight of me running outside to take pictures of the deer. ;>)

We stood there staring at each other. It was now 6:45 am. "So....where do we go from here?" I asked him.

"I can't believe you're actually asking me to leave" was the look I got after he jumped over the neighbor's fence.

As it turns out, he didn't leave. Mike later found him sitting in the yard next door, waiting for us to leave. My response? "That deer is such a brat." My poor rose bush was well "pruned" when I got home tonight.