Alaska Museum of Nature and Science
Anchorage, Alaska: June 23, 2014

We spent some time in Anchorage before our red-eye flight back to Colorado. One of the places we went was
the Alaska Museum of Nature and Science - what a great spot! Lots of hands on activities for the kids, nice museum,
and we were the only ones there.

They had lots of interesting information - I learned the truth about jackelopes. Poor rabbits.

My buddy! Troodon! This is now my favorite dinosaur. 12 feet tall, warm-blooded, nearly opposable thumbs, smart.
I like it! (well.... since it is extinct and not trying to eat me.)


In the play room! They had bins filled with shredded rubber where Rannae hid stuff so the girls could find it.

Rob also found something to play with.

Wandering back through the museum.

At the Native Cultural Center, I made a comment that my attempts to learn how to take
a selfie with something behind me were going to pay dividends - here it is! My Troodon buddy.

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