The New Sanders Gang - Braveheart, Cirrus, and Muggins
Golden, Colorado: September 20-21, 2014

We adopted 3 brothers from the Cat Care Society on Saturday - Braveheart, Cirrus, and Muggins. Here's their shelter picture:

Cirrus and Braveheart settled in quickly. It's hard to get pictures of Cirrus, because he loves the red dot on the camera.

Thankfully, a moth distracted him:

Here's Braveheart:

Cirrus and Braveheart together:

and I swear there was also a Muggins. He had taken up residence behind the couch.
All 3 were cruising the hallway before I went to bed - yes, even Muggins.

They did very well overnight. Everyone was well-behaved and used the litter box without incident. At one point,
Braveheart got a little unnerved and was very talkative. He has a way of meowing that literally sounds like "hello?".
After an hour or so, he settled down again.

Here's Braveheart in the morning:

and Muggins peeked out to say hi!

So, why these 3? I really was in need of fuzzy companionship, and we certainly weren't ready to take on a kitten or two.
After thinking it over a bit, Mike thought they were the best match with what we were looking for, and once that idea was in my head,
they were as good as adopted! (He laughed when he saw I had posted about facebook about it before we had officially decided.)
These big guys are very affectionate, sweet, well trained, and needed us as much as we needed them. We visited with them 3 times over the
last couple of weeks before deciding we would definitely take them home. And we're glad we did!

Cirrus is the oldest. His birthday is April 4, 1999. Muggins and Braveheart are from a later litter by the same parents - May 26, 2000. Muggins
is very afraid of the world, and his brothers look after him. Last night, Braveheart led him out from behind the couch to see the hallway.
When I served breakfast this morning, instead of eating first, Cirrus went behind the couch and flushed out Muggins, making sure he ate first.
But don't feel bad for Muggins - he loves his spot behind the couch. Every time I saw him at the shelter, he was in a terrified ball in a corner.
Behind the couch, he looks happy and relaxed, just lounging in one of 4 favorite spots.

The boys have been through a lot over the last couple of years. They were born feral in Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado. Their pet parents
took them inside before they were 2 weeks old and bottle-fed them. And there they stayed - 3 boys, 3 girls, and eventually their parents. Their
pet mom passed away from cancer a few years ago, and they continued living with their pet dad until the floods last year. He was on travel during
the floods, and, prior to being evacuated, a neighbor dumped a 20 pound bag of cat food on the floor for them. That was what they lived on until
they were rescued, 10 days later. The house was destroyed in the floods. The Humane Society forwarded 5 of the 6 to the Cat Care Society,
where their pet parents had paid for a lifetime care insurance policy years earlier. One of the sisters died while in veterinary care
after their rescue. Their other two sisters, Windup and Ohm, are still at the shelter.
(I wasn't ready for 5 big cats, though I do feel bad about having to split them up.)

Overall, the boys are in very good health. Muggins has no medical problems. Braveheart is on a prescription for his arthritis. Cirrus has reduced
kidney function and is on a special diet to keep him from needing medication. So, not too many snacks for these guys, but they don't seem bothered by that.
It's only been a day, but they are already part of the household!

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