Kari's High School Graduation - Part 2
East Patchogue, New York: Spring, 1993

I didn't enjoy high school much, so my mom helped me with a plan to take advantage of the fact that the honors program had essentially skipped me ahead a year. Thus, I graduated after three years of high school - in 1992. The good people of Suffolk Community College, where I spent my freshman year before transferring to the Colorado School of Mines, admitted me without any proof on my transcript that I had graduated.

Why no proof? Well, that's a complicated story. I got a diploma in June 1992, but my transcript still showed me as a high school junior because the school district refused to update it. That was done on purpose so that I would not be valedictorian. If they made me co-valedictorian or out-right valedictorian, they were concerned that Tonya's cousin, Adnan, wouldn't speak at graduation. And the school officials wanted me to understand that they came from a very competitive Indian family and it would absolutely crush him to not speak at graduation.

Quite frankly, I didn't care about speaking at graduation. I didn't care about being valedictorian. My mom went to an awful lot of meetings to argue the point that the school had a history of ranking early graduates and even allowing them to be co-valedictorian. This was the picture my parents took at the school board meeting where, a year or so after I graduated, I finally received written notification on my transcript that I was part of the Class of 1992.