Basement Bathroom Remodel
Golden, Colorado: November 24 & 25, 2006

This all started when the sewer line backed up. With the help of my dad, who was on the phone, we discovered that the seal at the base of the toilet in the bathroom was bad. When Terry and Mike took the toilet off, the damage from years of water leaks was evident. I said "Since we have to re-do the seal and replace the toilet, why don't we buy a new toilet?" which led to "This room would look a lot better with a fresh coat of paint" which led to the current project - new toilet, new sink, paint the whole thing yellow with new white trim, new white floor tiles, new mirror, new faucet, new towel racks, new light, new switches and outlet, and new aqua accessories. We are not replacing the vanity, shower, nor are we gutting the whole thing in order to repair the water damage. Had to draw the line somewhere.

November 24, 2006: Destruction Mode

The basement bathroom had a very shades of avocado when we bought the house - two different colors on the sink (with matching toilet) and one in the old tile. It had dark brown vinyl trim along the floor, almond-colored switches and outlet, a wood vanity, a rusted medicine cabinet, and as we found after removing the toilet, a fourth shade of avocado as the original paint color. We've been laughing that in 30 years, someone will look at our "Golden Butter" paint, white trim and floor, and aqua accessories with equal disdain. ;>)

Here you can see Panda guarding the bathroom contents, as well as the new accessories.

November 25, 2006: The Beginning

Diana came over today to help with the great sanding and priming project. We got our first look at the new yellow color tonight. Mike's first word when he saw it was "Shazaam!" I'm hoping to get better pictures once the room has been painted.

December 4, 2006: First Light

We installed the new light fixture, which really brightened up the room. (We discovered too little light gives it an eerie yellow glow.)

December 13, 2006: Complete!

Here's the bathroom and some of its basement surroundings. We finished it on the day my parents came to visit - just in time!