Our Christmas Tree
Golden, Colorado: 2006

Here's our tree:

This is our 2006 ornament: (We try to get one new ornament every year. This was the year of the deer, or so it would seem, so it is appropriately themed)

My parents bought us 2 ornaments this year while we were shopping in Evergreen - the silver snowflake and the silvery blue shell below it:

To the left of the snowflake, you see our 2005 cow ornament. To either side, you see ornaments Grandma Buzzo made. The purple angel was also hers. The white china heart beneath it says "1997" and was given to us by Grandma Rawluk to commemorate the year we were officially engaged. In the top left, you see a Ukranian-styled ball that Grandma Rawluk gave us. In the top right, an angel that Grandma Buzzo made. I drew the faces on the angels for her - a long time ago.