Madeline Lyon's 8th Birthday Party
Malone's Restaurant, Arvada, Colorado: April 1, 2014

Maddie was excited to get an invitation for her birthday party... (I sent them out)

We went to Malone's Grill for dinner.
They had a nice fire going, which Val thoroughly enjoyed.


Maddie was wearing her jewelry for her tiki party with friends on Saturday.

We had a wonderful dinner, and then did presents.

Maddie loved the sewing machine from Uncle Dale!

Our little engineer - she sorted the tissue paper from our present as she pulled it out of the bag.

Valerie was very excited to give her sister a Monster High doll!

Dale was a little perplexed by the doll's appearance.

Opening the present from my parents (Linda and Tony Rawluk)

Mike found some streamers to play with

A group present? Must be good! Maddie gave hugs before even opening it.

A kindle!

One more thing to open...

A CD with her favorite Disney Tiki Hut song! She did quite a dance around the room.

Much love for the keyboard!

Maddie waved thank-yous to people who couldn't make the party but sent gifts.

Time for cake!



Happy Birthday, Maddie!. AVI file, 3 Mb


Valerie was very very excited about the cake.

Group picture! From left the right,
In the back: me, Mike, Rannae Lyon, Rob Lyon, Rob's mom Chris, Terry Sanders
In the front: Dale Nicholls with Maddie, Gwenn Sanders with Valerie.

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