Mike's PhD Graduation, Part 1 of 4: Hooding Ceremony
Colorado School of Mines: Golden, Colorado: May 10, 2013

The hooding ceremony was held the morning of the graduation. Mike needed to check in at 7 am to pick up his "doctoral regalia". (He found out he would defend his dissertation too late to have his own for the ceremony, but he will order a set to keep. Delivery time is 8 weeks.) The hooding ceremony is only for PhD candidates, where their advisors present them with their doctoral hood. Each student was called to the stage, while the announcer read information about their undergraduate and master's degrees as well as the title of their dissertation. We were treated to a nice breakfast buffet before the ceremony and a sparkling cider toast afterward.

The graduation announcement:

Entering the Green Center hall for the ceremony:

Mike and friends - Prakash Periasamy and Harvey Guthrey:

Thanks go to Archana for taking pictures of Mike and me:

Table decoration:

Mike and his mom:

Mike and his dad:

Mike and Jarl:

Ceremony begins:

Prakash receives his doctoral hood:

Subra receives his doctoral hood:

Want to see a magic trick? Mike and his advisor Ryan head to the stage...

Ta da! Where's Ryan?

There he is!

Mike's doctoral hood:

Happy toasting time!

Thanks to my dad for taking this picture of Mike and me:

Mike and his parents after the ceremony:

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