Terry's Retirement Party at the Buffalo Rose
Golden, Colorado: February 27, 2008

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The announcement:

Live from the Buff! It's Maddie on stage:

The scene:

The toast:

Rannae, Maddie and Gwenn:

Cutting the cake:

Shirley, Kenny, and Mike's Mom, Gwenn:

Maddie on the dance floor:

Terry with ?, Nick, and Pat:

Terry with his nephew, Robert, and Gwenn:

Sarah, Aunt Bella, Auntie Linda, Grandma Kitty:

Sammy, self-described representative from the Coors can line:

Rannae, Rob, Maddie and Mike:

Grandma Kitty and Uncle Mark:


Grandma Kitty, Uncle Mark and Terry:

Mike and me:

Nick and Pat's daughter, Jerri, with Rannae:

Terry with his nephew, Mark:

Uncle Dale and Mike:

Uncle Dale, Gwenn and Mike:

Friends from Coors: