Our Christmas Date
December 30, 2003

Mike and I scheduled our "Christmas Date" again for this year - instead of exchanging gifts. We had a wonderful time!

Here are some pictures we took before we left:

Kari  Mike

We started the evening with a very leisurely dinner at an Italian restaurant named Panzano.

Panzano Business Card

The food was fantastic! We had an appetizer (Cambozola) which was a specialty bread with roasted garlic cloves and dipping oil, followed by the spinach salad. For dinner, Mike had the Papperdelle Bolognaise and I had the special - pumpkin filled ravioli in a reduction sauce. Wow! We finished by sharing three scoops of home-made sherbet - grapefruit, pineapple, and apple cinnamon - in a sweet cookie-type shell bowl. The grapefruit sherbet was a bit tart - but much better when combined with pieces of the bowl. Combined with some wine (for Mike and I) and port (for Mike), it was an incredible meal. The sort of nearly 2 hour-long meal that is almost tiring to eat.

We finished just in time to get to the Denver Art Museum for our scheduled viewing of the Phillips Collection exhibit. Luckily, Mike's Grandma got a membership to the museum for us last year, so we were able to get tickets (the exhibit was already sold-out but this happened to be one of the members-only nights for which tickets were still available). The Phillips Collection is owned by someone who started it in memory of a departed sibling, and the collection itself contains a smattering of a number of artistic styles - impressionist, realists, and even a couple of pieces from Picasso. By the time we got home, we were exhausted, but full and happy!

Denver Art Museum