Carlsbad, California
March 24, 2014

After we left Santa Barbara, we drove to El Segundo to have lunch with the core of the DMZ crew (software lab I used to work in) - Howard Onishi, Warren Diamond, and Karen Galang.
We had a great time at CozyMel's. (of course! It's a tradition by now!)

Then, it was on to Carlsbad, where we would meet up with my brother (Mike Rawluk) for dinner. Here's our hotel room:

Mike took a nap and I spent sometime goofing around taking pictures. I also spoke with his mom - they were in Phoenix with his grandma. She had picked up
a bad flu or something that had affected her already damaged kidneys and sent her to the hospital. She's a trooper though - after a couple of days, she was better
and they headed back to Colorado.

After Mike got up, we had a glass of wine and some snack by the fire while waiting for my bro to get off work. We had a very enjoyable dinner with him at
BJ's Brewhouse. It was great to see him, fun to talk, and we're looking forward to seeing him again in May.

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