Christmas Party at Gwenn and Terry's House
Golden, Colorado: December 16, 2007

My parents came to visit the week before Christmas (bro couldn't make it becase he got sick right before a very important studio appointment with his band, so we told him not to travel). They really wanted to get together with everyone, so Mike's parents hosted a spaghetti dinner at their house with Rannae, Rob, Maddie, Danielle, Josh, William, and Hannah. There are 3 sets of pictures here - from us, Rannae and Rob, and Gwenn and Terry.

Before everything started:

Rannae, Josh, Danielle, Mike and the babies:

Josh, Rannae, Hannah, William, and Maddie:

My parents:

Mike's parents:

Mom and me:

Me holding Maddie: (I'm not good at holding Maddie. She looks like she knows that.)

Josh and William, with Danielle in the background:

Maddie and Hannah (Maddie wanted Hannah's chair):


Rannae with the babies:

My mom goofing around with Maddie, with Dad in the background:

Presents! My parents brought some presents for everyone, there were presents for them, and we brought over "My First Christmas" Lenox giraffe ornaments for Maddie, William, and Hannah.

Hannah, Danielle, my mom, Rannae, Maddie:

William really liked his bow (he might have noticed the present from my parents):

Danielle opened the package from my parents. Hannah liked her bow, too:


Danielle opens the giraffe ornament for Hannah:

Maddie with her giraffe ornament: