Football Hall of Fame Game
Canton, Ohio: August 9, 2004

Our package from the "John in the Hall" tour group included tickets to the Hall of Fame Game on Monday evening. It was interesting to see a professional football game in a high school stadium. The game itself was fun; unfortunately, the Bronces lost at the very end.


The pre-game festivities started by bringing the 4 inductees (Bob Brown, Carl Eller, John Elway, Barry Sanders) onto the field with their escorts from the local high school (the girls in the black and white outfits).

Terrell Davis visited with some of the players before the game, causing quite a hubbub among die-hard fans. We weren't quite sure why.

Finally, the Broncos came out via the giant air-helmet.

1st HALF

We never quite figured out the secret of "The man with the orange gloves"...


At half-time, since it was a high-school stadium, the teams exited to either side of the east stands, where we were sitting.

And then, "moongirl" came out. The half-time show included an arial performance by a lady who was floating below something called the Heliosphere. It sure looked like a giant moon to us, and we were fascinated by the fact that she just floated and flipped during the entire show, held to the ground by guide wires and a few helpers (dressed in black and seen on either side of the "heliosphere").


With the game tied, the Broncos got ready to score: