Christmas Dinner at Mark and Bella's House
Arvada, Colorado: December 25, 2014

We had a very nice dinner at Mike's aunt and uncle's house before the storm moved in.
Clara and her cousin,Troy:

Troy with his uncle, Robert Sanders, and Robert's dog, Hailey:
Troy Sanders, Robert Sanders
Clara Sanders
Troy Sanders
Valerie, explaining the features of her new camera to my dad:
Valerie Lyon, Tony Rawluk
The snow was starting....

Mike's dad,Terry (on the right), with his brother, Mark
Mark Sanders, Terry Sanders
Mike's mom, Gwenn, with his sister, Rannae, and Rannae's daughter, Maddie:

Mike with my dad:
Tony Rawluk, Michael Sanders
My brother (Mike Rawluk) with Bella's dad (Bob Gonzales)
Bob Gonzales, Mike Rawluk
Mike's cousin, Sarah, (facing the camera) with her aunt's family: Roberta, Caitlin, Diametheus, Carissa
Sarah Sanders
From left to right: Bella's sister, Roberta Herron, their mother, Molly Gonzales, and Bella's daughter, Sarah Sanders.

Bella, Bob, my bro, Princess, and Uncle Dale (Mike's mom's brother)

Mike's dad with his mom, Grandma Kitty (Pat), and his sister, Auntie Linda
Terry Sanders, Patricia Sanders (Grandma Kitty), Linda Sanders
Me and Mike!
Michael Sanders, Kari Sanders (Kari Rawluk)
Clara and Valerie were busy, busy, busy all evening!

Rannae and Maddie reading:
Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders), Madeline Lyon
Hailey was busy trying to get a ball out from under the couch

Rob helped her:

It's cold outside! Mike walked his grandma to her car and came back foggy:

Aunt Bella with her parents, Bob and Molly:

Great collection of pictures!

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