Irises Don't Care - Part 2
Golden, Colorado: March 22 & April 19, 2009

Completing the Dry Well Project: March 22nd
Here's the end to the saga from part 1 of this story. Once the hole was complete, we placed the drainage system and filled in the gravel:

Checking up on the Irises: April 19th
After 3 snowstorms, I am happy to report that it is true, irises don't care. Or at least, they look just fine to me.

and you can see that the water is draining successfully, even with all the snow and rain we got over the past few days. (Had it not been so warm, predictions had been for it to look like the 2003 storm.)

Around the Yard: April 19th
Since it was a beautiful day, Chloe and I spent some time wandering around the yard.

Here's Chloe "giraffing"...she likes to stretch up to sniff and eat leaves.

Super Toad and the Hammock taking shelter on the screen-in patio:

Our house: