First Flower
Golden, Colorado: March 18, 2007

Every year, I give the "First Flower" award for our yard. When we got back from our trip to New York, I found that we had one flower in the back yard, so here are some pictures commemorating the occasion!
...And this year's "First Flower" award for the first time since we moved in does not go to the purple crocus in the front yard, but instead to this crocus in the back yard:

You can barely see it in the front corner of the planter:

We are anticipating many other flowers. I've been pleased to see my bulbs didn't rot with all that snow. (and we do have plans to replace the dead limber pine.) Looking toward the corner near the patio, you can see the little garden with the frogs my parents gave us:

In the south corner of the yard, you can see the fox garden statues from Grandma Kitty with the dragon statue Mike's parents gave me for my 30th birthday:

Moving toward the middle of the wall, here's a little cat I bought last year at Target with more bulbs coming to life (as well as some perennials, but you can't see them yet):

Looking north, you can see the window Mike installed in the shed. It gives a nice bit of light for the work area we've been setting up inside in addition to giving some added visual interest to um... ol' peachy. We do plan to paint the shed to match new siding once we have it installed, and no, we're not going to get peach siding to match the shed. *grin*

Moving to the front yard, you can see the day lilies starting to come up. Amazingly enough, although you can't see them unless you get closer, some of the annual pansies I planted near the mailbox survived the winter.