My Brother's Graduation from Hofstra University
May, 1999

My brother graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Hofstra University on May 22, 1999. There were two ceremonies - one for honors students and one for all the students. Mike, my Mom, my Dad, Grandma B (my Mom's Mom), and me were in attendance. The day after the graduation, my parents held a party for my brother. Mike (hubby Mike, not brother Mike) was the photographer for this page.

The First Ceremony

My Dad, me, and Grandma

My brother receives his honors

Grandma congratulates Mike

Formal Picture

The Second Ceremony

Formal Picture

The Graduation Party

From left to Right: Aunt Pris, Aunt Mary, Steve, Me, Eleanor, Bill, Grandma B, Mom, Mike, Dad, Grandma R, Penny, Tom

Mike and Grandma R

Steven, Aunt Pris, and me

Eleanor, Bill, and Aunt Mary

Sharon, Dave, and their daughter Shayna

Mike gets a camera

The cake