Valerie's 6th Birthday Party
Arvada, Colorado: May 31, 2014

Valerie's 6th birthday party had a luau theme:

Fun with the swing and the pool:

Mike and I found where Peaches was taking refuge from all the kids. We had a fun fuzz-therapy visit:

Mike with his Uncle Mark and cousin, Robert:

 Mike's mom, Gwenn, with Grandma Kitty (Mike's dad's mom), and Nancy Kerbaugh (Gwenn's cousin's wife)

Rob thwarts another picture attempt:

This dude is more dangerous than he looks:

Setting up for the pinata!


It didn't last long.

So, we strung him up for another round of beatings just for fun.

Now,it's done.

Maddie combined it with the remnants of a past pinata to make a candy storage facility.

Cake time!

Guess who's up from his nap? Troy! (Mark and Hailey's son)

Hugs for Grandma Kitty

Present time!

Clara explains her present to Valerie

After we were done with presents, Troy got to meet Peaches:

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