Lead Picture of Eleanor's Mom
Golden, Colorado: March 27, 2015

Most of you know that Eleanor and Bill were like grandparents for my brother and me. It will take me years to get
through the treasure trove of pictures, but I do a little whenever I have time or inspiration. While cleaning the basement,
(yes, the storage project continues) I realized that this amazing lead painting was really not safe in its copy paper box.
So, I had it framed by my favorite shop in Golden. Actually, it was one of their last accepted projects, since they are closing
on the 31st. They had already posted a sign saying they weren't accepting new orders, but this one was too cool to pass up!

Eleanor Spence (Anna Eleanor Adamec) was born on September 7, 1919. Her father was Barney Adamec, and her mother
was Anna - maiden name: Pazdecka. Sadly, Eleanor never really knew her mother, because she passed away in 1921. But we have this
lovely painting of her mother from the early 1900's, which was literally painted on a sheet of lead!
Here it is before it was framed:

and here it is afterward! I really like how the soft earth tones around it bring out some of the other colors in the painting.

They did a great job setting the lead back from the frame (because it was not sealed - tufts of paint would smudge off onto your finger if you touched it).
They also left the edges exposed, so you can see the sheet better.

My buddy says I have spent enough time fussing with the painting....

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