If you fall asleep at a party....
Golden, Colorado: October 5, 2014

...someone is bound to take pictures.
We had a lovely dinner with Grandma Kitty and Auntie Linda. They came over
to meet the cats - during a quiet period of the early evening, when they would all
be around. It took an hour to coax Muggins out of hiding, but they did meet all 3!
Here's Braveheart before the party:

Around 7 pm, Mike's sister, Rannae Lyon, her daughters (Maddie and Val), and Mike's parents
(Gwenn and Terry Sanders) joined the party. Muggins stayed behind the couch the whole time, Maddie
spent quite a bit of time petting Braveheart in the hallway, and Cirrus tried to entertain. Well, there's
only so much a 15 year old cat can take! During all of this, he zonked out with his head stuffed in the crevice
between couch sections.

Maddie and Val playing cats:

I got Cirrus to sit up better

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