Hotel Nikko and the Happiest Song for Crossing the Street
Fukuoka, Japan: June 7, 2013

Here we are in the lovely Hotel Nikko:

View from our window:

We met up with Dan for dinner - we didn't eat at KFC, but I forced Mike to take a picture (and he'll never forgive me):

After dinner, we went for a walk.

The street between the train station/mall and our hotel had the coolest song for crossing the street -
it'll really get you walking! (much more so than the bird chirps we are accustomed to around home.



The Happiest Song for Crossing the Street. AVI file, 10.9 Mb


Interesting stock at the local convenience store:

Back at Hotel Nikko:

We really enjoyed their bar:



Picture isn't great, but the piano is!. AVI file, 7.3 Mb


Back in our room - zen garden at night:

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