Mike's PhD Defense, Colorado School of Mines Materials Science Department
Golden, Colorado: March 29, 2013

Chloe helped Mike finish his slides:

Setting up for the presentation.
The purpose of the defense was for Mike to present his work to his doctoral committee, answer their questions,
and obtain their approval that his PhD work is complete. This would pave the way for him to turn in the final updates to his 160-page paper by April 8th for a May 10th graduation.

My brother and Jarl:

My parents and Diana:

Let's go! (Sorry, Uncle Dale, that I caught you in an awkward pose in this one)

I lovingly call this collection "coke bottle as cigarette". Mike quit smoking over a decade ago and survived the PhD experience without taking the habit up again.

Mike answers questions from the department and his committee.

I lovingly call this collection "mouse as cigarette". He spent over an hour answering questions.

Wrapping up. After this, we stepped outside the conference room while the committee deliberated. Start to finish - 3 hours. But his work was approved!! Mike will graduate with his PhD in May.

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