Golden, Colorado: April 8, 2012

We hosted Easter dinner at our house.

"Kari, Why do you keep saying 'don't eat the flowers'? Why would you think that?" *grin*

I think Chloe likes the kid cushions more than the kids do.

The Easter eggs are ready for battle - in the baskets that Mike's mom made for our wedding.

Gifts or the girls.

A pretty day and a pretty yard.

My parents sent me these frogs. They are solar powered and their bellies light up.

The new air conditioner started out back here before we had it moved.

Table is set for dinner, using our wedding china.

Mike hid all the eggs before our nieces arrived.

Maddie and Val were wearing matching dresses my mom sent out.

Easter egg hunt!

Taking a family picture

Playing games...

Hammock time...

and the flowers survived, but danger is never that far away.

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