3 Cats and a Sunbeam
Golden, Colorado: October 19, 2014

I went to Micki's baby shower today, then to drop some stuff off for and visit with my parents. By the time I got home,
it was time for Bravehart's anti-nausea meds and he needed a fluid pack. After all that was done, he spent some time with
me and then visited with Cirrus in the sunbeam.

After they left, Muggins moved in to sit with me.

I used to call Cirrus a jealous jellybean, which has been trimmed to the nickname "jellybean".
Yes, Cirrus displaced Muggins in the sunbeam.

Muggins decided there was room in the sunbeam for 3 of us.

Sweet, sleepy Muggins.

So, Cirrus walked around and snuggled up closer.

and then my jellybean moved in front of Muggins so he could get the scritches instead.

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