Christmas Party with the Nicholls & Kerbaughs
Golden, Colorado: December 14, 2013

Mike's parents hosted a Christmas party with his mom's side of the family. Here's a collage with old family pictures:

Gwenn and Terry's tree:

Mike with the skull cookie he decorated earlier in the week:

Mike having a debate with Hannah, Valerie, and Will:

Our niece, Maddie:

Anthony and Julia:

The kids were eagerly awaiting Terry's arrival so they could start opening gifts.

He's here! Terry with Maddie Lyon, Hannah Korosec, Danielle Korosec (Mike's cousin), Josh Korosec, and Casey Nicholls (Mike's mom's brother's son):

From left the right:
Front: Rob Lyon hiding behind a trash bag (Mike's brother-in-law), Nancy Kerbaugh (Mike's mom's cousin's wife), Rannae Lyon (Mike's sister), Tony Rawluk (my dad).
Rear: Jay Saban (Mike's mom's nephew), Barbara Saban (Mike's mom's brother's wife), Gwenn Sanders (Mike's mom), and Travis Kerbaugh (Nancy's son)

From left to right: Tony and Linda Rawluk (my parents), Anthony (Dale & Barb's son), and Julia (Anthony's girlfriend)

Will Korosec and Valerie Lyon

Madeline Lyon with Hannah Korosec in the background:

Presents! Adults don't exchange gifts at the party - so the kids know all of that is for them!

Sitting behind Nancy: Frankie Greene (Mike's mom's cousin / Gwenn's mom's sister (Betty)'s daughter)

Valerie likes her new shirt!

Front right: Dale Nicholls (Mike's mom's brother)
and I missed what it was that Mike was studying so carefully

In the back next to Travis, his dad - Dave Kerbaugh

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